Synchronous Buck Converter Optimizes EMC, Size, Efficiency at 2 MHz

The key to optimizing efficiency in power-supply designs requires balancing often conflicting specifications, and that means controlling MOSFET switching times.

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3Dmagnetic Smart Sensor – Measure Running & Sports Activity?

The 3D Magnetic Sensor is a compact fitness sensor currently being funded through a campaign on This device can be used by golfers, paddlers, cyclists, skiers, tennis players and more to help track their movements to help them improve their technique and form. Perfect for both competitive athletes and beginners, the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor will help people improve and prevent injury from poor technique. Please read below for more information about the new 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor device.

What is the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor?

The 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor can be placed on fitness devices or the body to track movements. Baseball players looking to improve their swing can simply attach this device to their bat and see data to help them improve their swing. The device can be used for most sport applications from running to rowing or tennis to biking. The 3D Magnetic smart Sensor can be wrapped securely around fitness equipment of the user’s upper arm. No matter what sport, this sensor will work. No bulky cords or extra pieces, this device is small, slim, and easy to use.

How Does the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor Work?

The 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor works similar to a compass. The device tracks within one degree of movement accuracy. For runners this device tracks cadence, pace and stride. Having this information will help runners prevent heel strike. Paddlers will appreciate how the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor keeps track of not only paddle drive and distance but also swing distance, power, and blade angle. This device also tracks recovery time between strokes. Imagine the competitive edge competitors have when using this sensor.

The sensor within the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor works via Bluetooth technology. This is the fourth sensor developed by Vlad Savchenko and is the smallest and most accurate yet. This device is the size of an American quarter and fits securely to any piece of equipment. Unlike pedometers that can easily shift and fall off, this sensor attaches securely and does not inhibit movement or distract by faulty design. The video provided on the campaign website shoes how easily this device secures to paddle shafts, baseball bats, bicycles and more. The applications of this device are endless and the inventor wants to hear more ideas of how his device can be used.

3D Magnetic Smart Sensor Components

It is hard to tell the components of this device via the Indiegogo website. It looks to be waterproof and must have a charging system to keep the device working. The device comes with an elastic cord to make it easy to attach to paddles and handles as well as an armband to allow users to wear the device. Additionally, the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor must be adapted to stay securely on shoe laces. It is unclear if the sensors will be sold in single sensors or double sensors.

3D Magnetic Smart Sensor Pricing

There is currently no pricing information about the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor and there are no backers on their campaign at This is the third design of this device so many people will already be familiar with its predecessors. It appears as though the campaign is currently closed.

Who Makes 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor?

The 3D Magnetic Smart sensor is invented by Vlad Savchenko who is a product inventor based in Vancouver, Canada. Vlad Savchenko is an information technology professional and startup creator who has over twenty-five years of experience throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, and Russia.

Vlad holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In 1998 Vlad started an information technology consulting business in Canada and the United States of America that specializes in process improvement.

Should You Support the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor?

The 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor seems like a fantastic invention to help support athletes in improving their form. Whether competitive cyclists, rowers, or runners, the 3D Magnetic smart Sensor will help athletes perfect their form. This device is the perfect tool to help create awareness of how the body moves and will help athletes and trainers improve their performance and maximize competitive results. Interested consumers can find out more information about the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor by searching it by name on the product’s campaign site at

CrazyBaby Air Wireless Headphones – Acoustically Stunning Speaker Sound?

What Is CrazyBaby Air Wireless Headphones?

Air is a wireless stereo headphones with hi-fi sound that was created by a company called CrazyBaby.

It is made with carbon nanotube technology, which makes this product the first acoustic headphone to be made with this material. It is a brand new product that is expected to launch and be available for sale to customers in January, 2017.

How Is It Different From Other Headphones?

CrazyBaby Air Wireless Headphones contains a variety of differentiating factors that sets them above of beyond its competitors. It’s convenient, portable, smart phone and blue tooth friendly. It’s high quality in sound and in design.  Some of the key benefits include:

  • Carbon nanotube membrane
  • True wireless stereo
  • Secure comfortable fit
  • On the go charging pod
  • CSR latest chip
  • Water resistant
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2
  • CVC 8th noise isolation


A wireless headphones provides a huge amount of convenience to users. For people who like to exercise using headphones, user of CrazyBaby Air Wireless Headphones will not have to worry about the wire getting in the way while working out. The wireless headphones are buds that fit directly in the ear. Since these headphones are water resistant, they can be worn while exercising or walking in the rain and/or snow.

Ergonomic Design

In order to guarantee that the wireless headphones will fit inside the users’ ears, manufacturers analyze hundreds of ears. After this research, they created a variety of size combinations. The sizes for the ear canal area come in extra small, small, medium and large. Since headphones usually have the tendency to fall out of one’s ears when they sweat, a solution was created to fix this problem. Manufacturers also created something called a “sport sleeves,” which was designed for users who partake in strenuous exercise activity. This sleeve is made with a medical grade silicone, which ensures that the earbuds will not fall out of the users’ ears.

Portable Charger

Since the wireless headphones are only earbuds, it’s easy to make them portable. They are small enough to fit inside one’s pocket or purse. Air wireless also comes with a portable charger, which is convenient and ideal for those who are constantly on the go and need headphones to listen to music or talk on the phone. The headphones have a battery life of 15 hours, which is ideal for those who travel on long trips and need headphones. The approximate time to completely charge the headphones is 2 hours.

High Tech Quality

Air Headphones have CVC 8th noise isolation technology and has a digital silicone microphone. This allows users to eliminate outside noise while using this product. The microphone works up to 80 feet in range.  Air also contains the latest Bluetooth technology, the 4.2. This edition will ensure a clear stereo sound when paired with your device. This new version of Bluetooth has a data transmission that is 2.5 times faster than its previous edition. It also has increased data volume and an IPV6 low energy protocol to decrease energy consumption and improved internet access.

Smart Phone Friendly

Air Headphones are smart phone friendly. iOS and Android users can download the Crazy Baby app on their phone, which will allow them to connect their Air headphones to their device. Through this app they can listen to all of the audio files and apps on their phone (e.g. iPod, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, etc.). It is also compatible with music players, tablets and laptops, televisions and PCs (if they support Bluetooth).

What Do Customers Receive When They Order A Pair Of Headphones?

Each or of Air Headphones comes with the following items:

  • 1 paid of Air Wireless Headphones
  • 4 silicone ear tips (one for each size: XS, S, M, L)
  • 3 sports sleeveless (one for each size: S, M, L)
  • 1 charging capsule
  • 1 USB-C to USB charging cable

Purchasing Options

Since the Air Headphones are currently not available for sale until January 2017, customers can currently preorder their headphones in the following pricing options:

  • 1 Pair of Air Wireless Headphones: $99
  • 2 Pairs of Air Wireless Headphones: $179
  • The Distributor Pack of 100 Pairs of Air Wireless Headphones $7999

Currently there are only two headphone color options: black or white. Each purchase comes with a one year warranty.

How to Purchase Air Wireless Headphones

The Air Wireless Headphones can be preordered online by visiting: It is currently not available in retail or any other major e-commerce platforms.

Conclusion –Is This Product Legit?

Air Wireless Headphones appears to be a very innovative product with its high quality features; however Crazy Baby’s website did not feature a whole lot of in depth detailed information about the technology used to formulate the product. This could be a red flag to skeptics, especially since this is a high priced item. Once more information is released to the public, one will be able to come to a conclusion on whether or not Air Wireless Headphones are a legitimate product.

Xenon Flash for iPhone – Is The iStabilizer Flash Shell Worth It?

The Xenon Flash for iPhone is a new device that recently achieved its funding target through Kickstarter. Find out everything you need to know in our Xenon Flash for iPhone review.

What is Xenon Flash for iPhone?

Xenon Flash for iPhone is a tech product found on that claims to take your smartphone photography to the next level.

You know how professional photographers have screens and reflectors set up during a photoshoot? Xenon Flash for iPhone wants to give your smartphone’s flash a similar appearance.

You can purchase the Xenon Flash in multiple forms, including on a tripod or as a standalone device. if you purchase the standalone device, then you can easily clip the Xenon Flash onto your phone to take a photo.

The end result is professional-looking photography on your phone’s camera. Instead of having glaring bright spots on your forehead, or uneven illumination across your photo, you can have a clean, even glow across the entire subject.

Xenon Flash for iPhone Features

-Up to 1000 times brighter than the standard LED on your phone

-Eliminate grain and noise from your smartphone photos

-Capture unique shots “like you’ve never captured before”

-Compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablets

-Pairs to your device via Bluetooth

-iOS app currently available (Android app will be launched in February, at the latest)

Essentially, this is a small device that’s slightly larger than a matchbook. It consists of a light on the front, a Bluetooth receiver inside, and a creamy-white shell backdrop. You take a picture, your phone sends a Bluetooth signal to the flash, and you get professional-looking photography from your smartphone at a fraction of the price.

Certain Xenon Flash for iPhone packages also come with a tripod called the SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod. That tripod lets you easily place the shell device up top.

You can currently only use the Xenon Flash with the app – so if you’re an Android user receiving the unit early, you’ll have to wait for the app to be released.

The reason you need the app is to synchronize the flash and ensure the lighting settings are all properly configured.

Xenon Flash for iPhone Pricing

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Flash Shell (Early Bird – December 2016): $55 USD

-1 Flash Shell (January 2017 Delivery): $55

-Bronze Bundle (Flash Shell, SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod): $65

-Silver Bundle (Flash Shell, SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod, Bluetooth Shutter Remote): $75

-Gold Bundle (Flash Shell, SmartFlex Flexible Leg Tripod, Bluetooth Shutter Remote, Compact Mini Tripod): $95

The estimated date of delivery is December 2016 for the earliest backers, while most other backers wait until January 2017. Free US shipping is available on all of the above purchases (international shipping is available for an added price).

The final retail price will be $99.95.

Who Makes Xenon Flash for iPhone?

Xenon Flash for iPhone is made by camera accessory company iStabilizer. That company offers a wide variety of tripods, selfie sticks, video stabilizers, and other photography-related accessories catered to modern mobile devices.

The company was founded in 2010 and has sold over 100,000 products over the years, according to its official website. The Kickstarter sales page also claims that iStabilizer products have been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox News, CBS, Yahoo! News, MacWorld, and other major media outlets.

The company is based in Kamas, Utah. You can learn more by visiting the official website here.

The Xenon Flash has officially received its funding target (several times over, in fact). The first backers will get their hands on the Xenon Flash starting in December 2016, with all other backers receiving it in January 2017.

Ultraflame Lighter – Official Survival Kit’s Electric Flameless Lighter?

The design of the pocket lighter hasn’t changed much over the century that is has been commercially available. Originally created from flintlock pistols used in the late 19th century, the pocket lighter has used a basic design of fuel, wick and flint for the duration of its existence, until the development of the gas lighter by Bic in the late 20th century. The disposable nature of pocket lighters leads many frequent users, such as smokers, to accumulate large amounts of redundant lighters, or lose them quickly. Contributing to a huge portion of the unrecyclable trash deposited in landfill dumps that harm the environment, disposable lighters place a strain on both the environment and the finances of frequent purchasers.

The Ultraflame is a revolution in pocket lighter design, bringing the lighter into the 21st century. Doing away with fuel, wicks and even flint, the Ultraflame is the ultimate survival tool for creating fire in any situation. By leveraging recent scientific developments in the creation of plasma energy, the Ultraflame uses a double plasma conduit created by high capacity electrodes and batteries to create a lighter solution that works in any weather, from icy snow to high wind scenarios in which traditional lighters would completely fail

What is the Ultraflame?

Using technology from the cutting edge of fire creation technology, the Ultraflame uses plasma arc technology to create a unextinguishable plasma arc between two electrodes. Outwardly similar to a traditional zippo lighter, the Ultraflame lighter follows the traditional snap-cap pattern of a low-profile ergonomic pocket lighter, finished in gloss black. The similarities between the traditional Zippo and the Ultraflame end, however, once the cap is lifted- instead of revealing a waxy wick that is prone to leakage, the Ultraflame emitted consists of two tiny electrode emitters that complete a plasma circuit when activated

Plasma arc technology has traditionally been used in industrial applications such as plasma arc welding. These traditional uses, however, require vast amounts of electricity and the dispersal of inert gases to create a plasma arc powerful enough to fuse the crystalline structure of metals. The Utra Flame lighter, however, needs no inert gases to function and benefits from recent developments into plasma technology miniaturization

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Ultraflame can be recharged in any standard USB port. Completely devoid of any fuel requirements, the Ultraflame relies only on the power of electricity to ignite substances, negating the health risks associated with butane lighters. Butane has been demonstrated in multiple clinical medical inquiries to contribute to a wide range of respiratory diseases and inflammatory conditions. Linked to health conditions such as emphysema, asphyxia, narcosis, extreme fluctuations in blood pressure and even cardiac arrest, butane is a highly volatile compound that can severely affect the health of a traditional disposable gas lighter user.

The Ultraflame is completely free of any of the deleterious health effects of these lighters, and is able to ignite substances in any environment, even heavy rain and extreme wind, due to the electronic nature of the ignition array. Measuring just 2.5 by 1.5 inches, with a thickness of just 0.45 inches in diameter, the Ultraflame is much smaller than most of the traditional refillable lighter solutions available on the market.

Lighting at the touch of a button, the Ultraflame is the ultimate survival tool, requiring only one charge for thousands of ignition source. With absolutely no discardable elements or environmentally damaging fuel sources, the Ultraflame is essentially the last lighter you’ll ever need to purchase.

Ultraflame Pricing & Availability

The unique design of the Ultraflame combined with its cutting edge design has led to a high demand for this innovative product, leading to just 100 Ultraflame lighters becoming available every few days. The Ultraflame lighter can be purchased from the Official Survival Kit website. Each Ultraflame lighter comes with a hardy Tuff Case and USB charger, and is priced at just $49 USD per unit.

More cost effective solutions are found in bulk purchases of the Ultraflame, and as in any survival situation, redundancy is key in ensuring survivability. By purchasing three Ultraflame units in one order, consumers are offered a per unit price of $43.33 for each lighter, delivering as significant reduction on the RRP of an individual Ultraflame.

Orders of more than one Ultraflame at a time qualify for free shipping, while individual orders are charged a shipping and handling fee of $5 USD. If you’re looking for the ultimate fire creation survival tool, the Ultraflame is the best and safest choice.

Tree Dazzler – Quality Easy To Set Up LED Christmas Lights?

The Tree Dazzler presents an amazing way to light your tree. With these innovative lights, your Christmas tree will be the talk of the town.

A Christmas Story

Christmas season is easily the most special time of year for most people.

Feeling the weather change, seeing the decorations, hearing the music, seeing your favorite Claymation Christmas special. All of these just puts one in such a good space almost immediately.

Christmas time is filled with bright colors, family, good food, and presents. There’s really no other time of year that’s filled with so much positive energy and excitement.

But all of the decorative beauty doesn’t happen over-night. To create the winter wonderland we see during this time of year is long, drawn out, and arduous task.

Nothing for the average person is more difficult around Christmas time than putting up that darn Christmas tree. The most hated part of the process is getting the lights in order.

This process includes untangling them, making sure they work, and taking 30 trips around the tree to put them on. No sane person likes doing this, they like the result.

Everyone knows the secret ingredient to a marvelous tree is the lights, but they are also the part of tree decorating that make people regret volunteering to help decorate.

It’s almost maddening to think that no one after all these years has found an easier way to put Christmas lights on the tree.

That was until now.

The creative minds behind the Tree Dazzler have created a product that may make the holiday season even more enjoyable. Wait until you see this.

What Is The Tree Dazzler?

The Tree Dazzler is truly something of the likes which the world has never seen before.

For as long as the memory can go back, people have been using the same old tired Christmas tree lights. The kind that get tangled up and half of the time don’t even work. Yep, those are the ones.

It was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea (pun intended) to remedy this situation and make decorating the Christmas tree a much easier endeavor.

This is one of the things The Tree Dazzler helps consumers do. No longer will they have to spend hours untangling Christmas lights and struggle to place them on the tree.

That’s because Tree Dazzlers unique designs gives it the ability to be easily installed by simply draping over the tree.

Using this approach, Christmas lights can be applied to a Christmas tree in a matter of minutes. Sounds like a Christmas miracle, but it’s really a simple concept.

Tree Dazzler accomplishes this easy installation by way of its circular base. This fits neatly around the top of the tree, allowing the lights to flow down.

This base can also be stacked, meaning that if someone owns more than one pair of Tree Dazzler lights, they can stack them on the tree to create a dramatic effect.

Because of this design, the Tree Dazzler never tangles up, like traditional lights, and can be installed within seconds.

But the easy installation isn’t the only thing that makes these lights a better option than traditional lights. The lights themselves are unique.

An LED display is what these lights are made out of, this affords them a number of benefits. First, they are unbreakable, which solves the incessant problem offered by traditional Christmas lights.

Next, the LED lights can become a number of different colors. Users will be delighted that they have access to 16 light patterns, enabling them to customize their Christmas tree lights to their liking.

Finally, these LED lights are cool to touch, being that they are using an LED display. This is the less impressive benefit, but it’s a benefit nonetheless.

What put the nail in the coffin if just how affordable these lights are. Tree Dazzler is sold for only $39.99, and that comes with a 10-year warranty.

These lights are obviously an improvement from the lights we’re all used to. No one can even argue that fact.

The Future of Christmas Lights

The Tree Dazzler represents the future of Christmas lights.

Soon, everyone will have lights like these in their homes. If not Tree Dazzler lights, then people will own a similar version.

You just can’t argue how much of an improvement Tree Dazzler is over traditional Christmas lights. It’s not even close.

For anyone wanting to perk up their Christmas Holiday this year, Tree Dazzler is the way to go.

Star Night Laser – Bright Home Decoration Lighting Technology?

Decorating your home for the festive season can be a costly endeavor. Along with Christmas parties, gifts, and catering for family gatherings, festive light decorations for the home can be one of the most expensive factors in celebrating the Christmas and New Year periods. In many streets and neighborhoods across the United States, Christmas light decorations are a fun and often competitive way for a community to celebrate together, but the excessive power bill from festooning a home with decorative lights along with the high price of decorative lighting can deter many households from participating in this tradition.
The Star Night Laser is a unique lighting solution that offers an easy to setup, simple, low power and dramatic way to illuminate your entire house, creating a firefly effect at a fraction of the cost of traditional festive lights. Perfect not only for Christmas and the New Year periods but also any other celebration such as barbecues, outdoor birthday parties and more, the Star Night Laser is a revolutionary plug and point solution that illuminates your home with thousands of pinpoints of laser light.

What is the Star Night Laser?

Utilizing advanced 3D holographic laser light technology, the Star Night Laser combines cutting edge laser projection technology similar to the type used in professional music festivals and floodlight projectors, creating a simple lawn mounted projection device that produces a brilliant firefly effect across the entire face of a house.

Lighting up a home with festive lighting is a costly process. Using traditional incandescent light bulbs to illuminate your home over the lead up to the Christmas and New Year period, even when used sparingly, can quickly cause your power bill to surge dramatically. The standard type of incandescent light bulb used in many festive lighting displays can draw as much as 25 watts of electricity per hour, and when this is multiplied across an entire week of usage with even lower light level displays that use less than 100 bulbs, power bills for the festive season can increase by up to $200 USD for a single month.

When coupled with the financial strain felt by many families across the Christmas period, festive lighting is unfortunately avoided by many families. The Star Night Laser provides an incredibly cost effective alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs through the use of applied laser technology. One individual Star Night Laser is able to replace thousands of single individual incandescent festive lights by refracting a single high intensity laser beam into thousands of different pinpoints of light, illuminating up to 2,500 square feet. While traditional incandescent bulbs can cost as much as $10 USD per hour to run when set up to light up an entire house, the Star Night Laser costs as little as ten cents per hour.

The incredible method of illumination used by the Star Night Laser differs from incandescent bulbs primarily in the delivery of the light emitted. A traditional incandescent light bulb emits light in all directions, meaning much of the electricity drawn by these inefficient methods of illumination is spend on illuminating areas that don’t need to be light up, and also present a fire hazard through the excess heat energy produced. Laser light is a coherent beam, meaning all of the electricity drawn by the Star Night Laser is spent only on lighting up the house.

As an added advantage over traditional lighting methods, the Star Night Laser is completely waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions, from extreme heat of up to 120 degrees fahrenheit (exceptionally uncommon in the christmas period) to up to 30 below freezing. With both red and green light settings, and a wide range of preprogrammed light pattern affects, the Star Night Laser provides fast, cheap and easy festive illumination for any time of year.

Star Night Laser Pricing & Availability

The Star Night Laser is available from the Star Night Laser website and is available in a variety of pricing options. Each individual Star Night Laser is delivered with a lawn mounting stake, extra long cord, and a floor mount stand. Individual Star Night Lasers are priced at $19.99 USD with an additional $9.99 USD shipping and handling.

A bundle value of four Star Night Lasers delivers the best value, with four separate laser systems priced at a total of $76.95, offering over $40 USD worth of savings. If you’re looking for a safe, easy to set up and incredibly cost effective way to light up your entire home for the festive season, the Star Night Laser is one of the best choices available on the market.

Snew – Healthy Slimy, Stretchy, Squishy Toy For Kids?

Trying to figure out a way for kids to have fun? Are they too busy with their technological gadgets? Not sure how to convince them to have some fun? If the answer is yes, this is a problem most parents face.

Technology is slowly taking over, but there’s competition coming its way! Just like playing hop scotch and hide-and-go seek used to and still is a fun game to play, there’s another new toy that’s sure to get kids interacting with others. It is none other than Snew.

As kids grow up, their curiosity enhances as well, especially in terms of texture. Snew is bound to do all that and more. Kids can experiment and enjoy themselves with Snew. Every characteristic of Snew is sure to get kids, excited, happy and curious at the same time. In addition, what’s more than trying it out with friends? It will be double the fun and double the creativity. Still not sure what Snew is about…?

What is Snew?

Snew is a rubbery substance that is super stretchy, slimy and squishy. Although such squishy and slimy toys have already been introduced in the market, this one is engineered to meet eliminate all the flaws that came with other products to produce the ultimate deal. Kids are certain to enjoy this toy, as there is no limit to the surprises that are associated with this product.

Snew comes in four vibrant colors: blue, pink, yellow and green and it also comes with a ball that consists of LED lights and siren sound, as well as a bubble blower to spice things up a notch.

What are the Benefits of Playing with Snew?

Kids have a surprise coming their way! Unlike other slimy products that get tedious to play with, Snew brings great joys to kids, as so much can be done with it! Here are some benefits for kids:

Slimy, Squishy, and Stretchy:

Kids are normally sold at the idea of getting to play with something that consists of these three characteristics. Even grown ups question how such a product came about. It’s the curiosity factor that wins many people’s hearts on this one.

It can stretch as long as one desires:

There are some products, where one is able to tell where the limit or end of its length is. When a kid thinks Snew can’t stretch any longer than it already has, they will be surprised because Snew is formulated in a way that continues to stretch regardless of how far it has already been stretched. This is the only product of its kind that has proven to be stronger and longer compared to its competitors.

It can be used in so many ways:

Since Snew is able to stretch long and strong, so much can be done to make playing games all the more fun. Firstly, one can use the bubble blower to blow it up until it pops. Not to worry, once the bubble pops, it regains its original form! Secondly, Snew comes with a ball that consists of LED lights and a siren sound that kids can roll into the Snew to have them grow loud and bright! Thirdly, kids can stretch it long enough to form a jumping rope! For even more fun, kids and combine their Snews of different colors together to form the ultimate slim!

Not limited to kids only:

Last but not least, kids are enjoying themselves. Toys in general bring joy to kids, however as they grow their preferences change, they are eager to try new and slightly more grown up like things. Thing toy gets kids together to experiment and figure out new ways to have fun. Even though this toy is directed towards kids, adults are also kids at heart, therefore this product will be amusing for just about anyone.

Do Parents Love It?

Most toys and alternatives are made to solely satisfy kids, but Snew ensured that parents’ satisfactions are not compromised. How so?

Here’s how:

Not sticky:

Snew is an indoor friendly toy, as it has a chance of getting dirty if played with on the grass on concrete. Parents do not have to fear of cleaning up after their kids because Snew does not stick to the floor or any surface. So kids can play with their slim anywhere their desire without having to disappoint their parents

Never sticky:

One might be wondering what this point implies; there have been similar products like Snew in the market that has produced some flaws. One of the main ones is the fact that the slim got stuck into a kid’s hair. Those are hard to remove; therefore parents will end up having to hair (depending on how much got stuck). The end result: kids are unhappy and parents are unhappy. Snew is sticky free and will not stick to any surfaces, be it skin or hair.

How Much Does Snew Cost?

Snew comes with the Snew itself, along with a bubble blower and a ball consisting of LED lights and siren sound. The price of one Snew is $14.95 plus a processing and handling cost of $4.95. Now this might seem unreasonable for a squishy and slimy toy, but that is not the case. With the order of one jug of Snew, a second jug of Snew will be sent free of charge, so technically, the price will be around $10 per Snew.

For a toy that ensures that parties; both kids and parents are happy, the prices associated with it seem pretty reasonable. Now, is it even possible to put a price on a kid’s happiness?

It Has to be Fun, No ifs and/ or Buts!

Kids love to have fun; a toy that does not bring happiness, simply put, it is not worth it. Snew came about to make sure that kids have out of this world kind of fun that will last a long time. Kids change their minds as fast as a cheetah, and Snew is sure to keep them occupied! There is a saying, “a child’s laughter is the most soothing sounds in the world”, and Snew has helped to prove it! For more information on where to get your kids Snew, go to:

ORBI Prime – 360° Video Recording & Image Capturing Eye-Wear?

ORBI Prime is an upcoming set of eyeglasses capable of recording 360 degrees of video. Find out everything you need to know about this exciting Indiegogo-backed product today.

What is ORBI Prime?

ORBI Prime calls itself “the first 360 video recording eyewear”. The eyeglasses are currently in the prototype stage, with an estimated shipping date of August 2017.

The project recently achieved its fundraising target on Indiegogo. At the time of writing, 606 backers had raised over $150,000 USD, which was over twice the $75,000 fundraising target.

The glasses are priced at around $230.

How Does ORBI Prime Work?

At first glance, ORBI Prime looks like any other set of glasses. They’re sleek and stylish. The only noticeable difference is that they’re much thicker along the sides, which is where the technology is housed.

ORBI Prime is paired with video-stitching and editing software. The glasses take 360 videos and images, and you piece those videos and images together later to create awesome footage. There’s also built-in video stabilization.

The glasses have 90 minutes of recording time and are water-resistant (IP-64 certification)

The secret power behind the glasses comes with its four 1080p cameras. Those cameras offer 4K resolution. The cameras are hidden within the lightweight polycarbonate frame.

You can send all video data to connected devices using the built-in Wi-Fi sensor.

ORBI Prime Features

ORBI Prime comes with all of the following features:

-Easy hands-free recording

-Four 1080p cameras to create 360 degree video and photos

-90 minutes of recording time

-Water-resistant design (IP64 certification)

-Instant mobile sharing over Wi-Fi

-App and desktop software included

-Multilayer real-time video stabilization

-Compatible with multi-sport helmets

-Polarized and adaptive lenses with UV protection

-Detachable safety strap that lets you keep ORBI Prime secure without messing with your hair

Ultimately, ORBI Prime aims to solve one of the biggest problems of modern video recording equipment – you need to use your hands, mounts, rigs, or other devices to hold the camera. With ORBI Prime, the four cameras are held right on your face. You don’t have to adjust your routine or wear a dorky GoPro on your head.

ORBI Prime App and Software

ORBI Prime’s desktop software can stitch up to 30 frames per second in order to provide a smoother, more natural viewing experience.

You can stabilize your video in post-processing to reduce shakiness even further and enhance the smoothness while panning, rotating, and zooming.

Most of the editing features can be controlled through the app. Based on what we’ve seen of the app, it appears fairly easy to use – even if you’ve never done video editing in your life. The editor stiches your video together, while a progress bar indicates how far along your video editing is.

Once the video footage has been stitched, you can cut, combine, add a soundtrack, change the reference view direction of the video, and more – all from your phone or tablet.

Then, watch or share the video using the share or play buttons.

The app has a 360 degree player that automatically hides controls during playback. However, you can tap the screen at any time to reveal the controls, then pan around to check out your footage.

There will be both desktop and mobile software. It appears the app will be slightly more limited than the desktop software (understandably). Here are the features you can expect:

-Desktop: Allows stitching, video editing, device memory control, and firmware update functions. Available on Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX, and higher.

-Mobile: Allows stitching (short footage up to 15 minutes), full device control, live preview, and interaction with the device using built-in Wi-Fi. It’s available on Android 4.4 and higher and iOS 9 and higher.

ORBI Prime Tech Specs

-Weight: .27 pounds (157 grams)

-Material: Lightweight, durable polycarbonate frame

-Battery: 2 Li-Po batteries (1000mAh) each, micro-USB for charging

-Video: Codec – H.264; Container – MP4; Audio Format – AAC stereo 48KHz

-Resolution: 4 x 1920×1080 (Full HD) 30 FPS (stitched video resolution 3840×2160 in 4K)

-Lenses: 160 x 110 degree FOV in portrait orientation (360 degrees of horizontal FOV and up to 300 degrees of upper hemisphere in stitched image)

ORBI Prime Pricing

ORBI Prime is available at a few different price points, including:

-The Orbi Ultimate (Featured): $229 USD + Shipping

-Early Bird: $349

-Orbi Prime Standard: $499

-Exclusive Early Bird Duo (Two Pairs): $599

-Early Bird Duo (Two Pairs): $659

-Exclusive Early Bird Quad (Four Pairs): $1199

-Early Bird Quad (Four Pairs): $1315

ORBI Prime is available in two sizes (Male and Female) and five color schemes, including Black/Black, Black/Fire Red, Electric Green/Charcoal, White/Slate Gray, and White/Flame Orange.

After you order ORBI Prime on Indiegogo, the company will email you to ask for your sizing and color preferences.

The estimated shipping date is August 2017.

What’s Included with your ORBI Prime Purchase?

Your standard ORBI Prime purchase comes with:

-One pair of ORBI Prime glasses

-The “Prime Pack” (charging case, detachable safety strap, USB connector, and lens cloth)

The final retail price is estimated to be around $650 USD per pair (the $499 package is listed as “23% off retail price).

Who Makes ORBI Prime?

ORBI Prime was made by a team of hardware and software engineers from MIT, UC Berkeley, and Electronic Arts. The team also consists of “professional photographers and videographers, world travelers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts”, explains the Indiegogo page.

Key team members include Iskander Rakhman (CEO), Adil Suranchin (COO), Louis Albertini (CMO), Evgeny Kochenyuk (Head of Product/Software), Alexander Moreno (CTO), and Sergey Kushnirenko (Head of Product/Hardware).

The company is based in Berkeley, California.

Should You Buy ORBI Prime?

ORBI Prime is a unique product that lets you record 360 degrees of video without using any mounts, rigs, or even your hands. It’s a pair of glasses with four cameras capable of shooting 1080p video in all different directions. When processed through the included app or desktop software, that gives you 4K 360 degree footage.

The glasses are scheduled to be released in August 2017 at a retail price of $650. The ORBI Prime Indiegogo page has them listed for as little as $230 to $350 per pair. The glasses will come with desktop software and a mobile app, letting you quickly edit video from your device over a Wi-Fi connection.

ORBI Prime has successfully achieved its funding target (currently at over 200% at the time of writing), so ORBI Prime appears to be headed to market – barring any unforeseen challenges. You can learn more today at the project’s Indiegogo page here.

BullGuard – Premium Anti-Virus Internet Security Protection?

BullGuard is a software company that makes antivirus and internet security software. Find out if this software really makes the cut today in our BullGuard review.

What is BullGuard?

BullGuard is a software developer that offers multi-device protection, including PC and mobile device security.

The company claims that its BullGuard Internet Security software is “the #1 rated product in Europe”. They also mention that the software has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, VentureBeat, VICE, BBC, and Newsweek, among others.

So what’s the big deal behind BullGuard?

Well, BullGuard’s Antivirus and Internet Security software are straightforward products that work in a similar way to most other software on the market: they protect your device from online threats.

However, BullGuard has recently made a name for its IoT Scanner, which claims to be “the world’s first security scanner for the Internet of Things.”

BullGuard was founded in 2002. The company is based in the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a closer look at the BullGuard software products and features.

BullGuard Products

At the time of writing, BullGuard has three core products available, including:


-Internet Security

-Premium Protection

The software is available for between $18 and $30 per year on discount. The “regular” retail prices are between $30 and $100 per year.

BullGuard Antivirus ($17.97 Discount / $29.95 Regular Price)

BullGuard Antivirus is your typical PC antivirus software. It comes with a spam filter, safe browsing support, and antivirus protection. It does not come with things like a vulnerability scanner, firewall, or identity protection features. Your purchase gives you access to the Antivirus for one PC for one entire year.

BullGuard Internet Security ($17.99 Discount / $59.95 Regular Price)

BullGuard Internet Security features antivirus protection, safe browsing support, a spam filter, and vulnerability scanner. It also comes with a firewall, parental control, and encrypted cloud backup. This program comes with multi-platform support. The software is available on Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

BullGuard Premium Protection ($29.99 Discount / $99.95 Regular Price)

BullGuard Premium Protection comes with all of the features in the two software programs combined – along with some bonus features. There’s antivirus, safe browsing, a spam filter, 24/7 tech support, PC Tune Up, firewall, parental control, encrypted cloud backup, identity protection, and social media protection. It’s available for about the same price as the two other BullGuard programs combined. Just like with the Internet Security, this comes with multi-platform support, including support for Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

BullGuard Features

BullGuard software all has some common features. If you buy the BullGuard Premium Protection, then you get access to all of the features listed below. If you just buy Antivirus, you get access to the antivirus, safe browsing, spamfilter (yes, it’s written as all one word), and 24/7 support features. Internet Security, on the other hand, comes with all of the same features on Premium Protection except for identity protection and social media protection.

-Total Protection: BullGuard software claims to stop all malware and other online threats from reaching your device.

-Cross-Platform Security: Works on desktops, laptops (both Mac and PC), as well as Android tablets and smartphones.

-Simple and Secure Installation: BullGuard inspects your system prior to installing, removing any malware, then installs the latest virus definitions when the installation is complete.

-Encrypted Cloud Backup: You can back up directly from BullGuard to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive accounts. There’s also local backup, if you don’t want to mess with the cloud.

-Parental Control: Block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, limit your kids’ online time, monitor their activity, and block certain applications. These filters are also available on Android devices, with the additional benefit of call and application monitoring, location tracking, and antitheft.

-Mobile Device Protection: BullGuard has mobile cloud-based antivirus software to prevent malware and spyware.

-Vulnerability Scanner: Checks for missing security updates, connections to unsecured Wi-Fi networks or applications that execute automatically.

-Spamfilter: This built-in spam filter keeps out junk mail and email scams, including automatic phishing filtering and foreign language spam.

-24/7 Support: BullGuard comes with free 24/7 support for all active subscribers. You can access support over chat or email.

Available Platforms

BullGuard is multi-platform software available on all of the following platforms:

-Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista

-Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later

-Mac OS X 10.11 or later

-Android tablets and phones, Android 4.0 and higher

The software is also available in English, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Germany, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, and Chinese.

Does BullGuard Actually Work?

BullGuard makes a big deal out of its AV-Test testing, claiming that it earned 16.5/18, a significantly better score than other leading antivirus software.

If you look on the official website, you’ll find that this is mostly true. BullGuard Internet Security has been consistently well-rated by AV-Test, with 4.5 stars out of 5 in all three categories (Protection, Performance, and Usability).

However, many other software programs had perfect 5 star scores (Trend Micro and Bitdefender had 5 star scores in each category). Because of this, BullGuard tied for 6th in protection, tied for 4th in performance, and tied for 8th in usability (all of the programs in front of BullGuard achieved a perfect 5 star score).

You can view AV-Test’s August 2016 test results here.

On the BullGuard official website, they post the scores of other antivirus software that they beat, including Avast (15/18), Microsoft Defender (14/18), Panda (14/18), and Comodo (12/18). They conveniently don’t mention that a number of software programs scored higher.

Ultimately, AV-test is a strict testing standard recognized as a mainstay in the industry. BullGuard didn’t quite achieve perfect marks on the test, but it came close. Its ratings have also been steadily approving over the years.

What Do Customers Have to Say About BullGuard?

BullGuard products have medium to strong reviews online, typically scoring between 3-4 stars out of 5 on tech blogs and review websites. The company’s Android antivirus has an average rating of 4 on the Google Play Store with a total of nearly 3,000 votes so far.

Some of the pros and cons of the software we learned from these reviews include:


-Good antivirus lab scores

-Good scores in independent malware-blocking tests (like PCMag’s test here)

-Excellent score in malicious URL blocking test

-Strong antiphishing score

-Firewall resisted attack in testing

-Features vulnerability scan

-Performs multi-faceted PC tune-up

-Local and online backup

-Excellent customer support

-Easy to use

-Flexibility to create profiles


-Spam filter missed a lot of spam

-More impact on system performance than other software

-Realtime protection tried to block the same malware thousands of times

-“Smart kids could get around some parental control limits”

-Hard to schedule scans

-Too many false positives

-No password manager

The BullGuard Internet of Things Scanner

BullGuard recently released a unique new product called the Internet of Things (IoT) Scanner. The IoT Scanner lets you check if your internet-connected devices at home are public on Shodan, which is a search engine for the Internet of Things. Shodan allows users to find devices that are publicly accessible on the internet and may be vulnerable to hackers.

The Internet of Things, for those out of the loop, is a term for all your home’s “smart” devices that aren’t computers, tablets, smartphones, and other conventional electronics. It includes security cameras, smart TVs, smart fridges, and more.

The IoT Scanner is a free online tool. You can use it here:

Should You Use BullGuard?

BullGuard’s pricing is a bit misleading: the software always seems to be available at the discounted rate for some reason or another. Sometimes, it’s a Cyber Monday sale, while in other cases, it’s a spring sale. The discount rate is a nice price, although please note that we rarely see the software sold for anywhere close to its $100 year “regular price”.

Overall, BullGuard is a popular antivirus and PC security suite that can protect your PC in multiple ways using multiple tools. It’s not quite as well ranked as its similarly-priced competitors, but it has gradually improved its scores in independent testing over the years. It doesn’t quite compete with the “big boys”, but it’s getting close.

If you’re in the market for new antivirus/PC security/Android security software, and you can find BullGuard available at a reasonable price, then it may be worth a buy.