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Wireless-power-transfer (WPT) technology using near-field magnetic coupling (NFMC) has been gaining a lot of attention, primarily in the area of wireless charging for applications like smartphone applications. However, there exists another class of p


Taclight Max Review – Bell + Howell Military-Grade LED Tactical Flashlight?

In the past decade or so, the use of military grade flashlights has increased quite substantially within commercial circles. This is part due to the fact that these devices are now cheaper to fabricate (due to the lowered manufacturing costs of aluminum and steel).

However, apart from the construction cost itself, many people have found that when compared to regular torches, these flashlights offer a wide plethora of advantages. For example, a standard torch has a light visibility ration of up to 4-10 meters.

But if we were to look at the beam coverage of even the cheapest military flashlight, we can see that it can easily cover a distance of up to 400 meters.

Similarly, there are many other useful functions in tactical grade equipment like increased battery life, high durability, decreased wear and tear which make them stand out. Lastly, newer tactical devices require the use of AAA sized batteries which have been found to allow for the size to be more compact and portable.

What Is Taclight Max?

As the name clearly points to, the Taclight Max is a brand new ‘ advanced lighting system’ that is not only easy to use, but is constructed using military grade strength material. Apart from its unique lighting capacity, the product also doubles up as a safety tool that can keep potential attackers/predators at bay.

It terms of its key features, the Taclight Max offers users with strong and powerful lights along with various unique modes like an automatic strobe light, which can be used to alert emergency personnel to one’s location or even ward off perpetrators.

Taclight Max Features

Some of the aspects which make the Taclight Max unique include:


Through rigorous testing and trials the flashlight has been found to be up to 22 times stronger than regular torches and lighting devices.


The efficiency of the device is high, and trials have shown that the Taclight can provide an intense beam array that can be seen/observed from a distance of 2 nautical miles.

High Quality Outer Body:

As mentioned previously, the outer body of the device has been made using aluminium that is conventionally used to construct the outer body of an aircraft. In fact, even the metal itself been fabricated using aeronautical manufacturing techniques.

The purity of the aluminium has been maintained at a very high level, such that its load bearing capacity is highly maximized. In more specific terms, the metal can be subjected to immense pressure and high temperatures without any visible drop in physical capabilities.

Lastly, the outer body can also bear sub zero temperatures and high levels of humidity (thus making it ideal for varied usage).

Lifetime Guarantee:

One of the most underrated features of this product is the fact that the manufacturer is providing a full ‘lifetime guarantee’ with the product. In case there is any defect, malfunction or functionality issue with the flashlight, a full replacement guarantee is ensured to the user.

Magnetic Base:

The base of the TacLight is magnetized and thus can be easily attached to a steel platform. This ensures that the product is easily utilized in various situations and terrains.

Using Taclight Max

The Taclight Max is ideal for use in a camping/outdoor scenario as it is able to provide high intensity lighting easily. When encased within a colored container, its function becomes similar to that of a lantern and can be hung onto any post or placed upon a platform.

Similarly, the strobe function, high quality outer metal body allows for the user to ward off any attackers, hence making it ideal for one’s safety and protection. Lastly, there is an inbuilt SOS feature which can be handy for people in case they are stuck in an emergency situation (stranded car, vehicle breakdown etc.)

Purchasing Taclight Max

A single unit of the TacLight Max is available for a reasonable sum of $19.99. Additionally, upon payment of an extra $10, users can avail of another unit at a highly reduced price. There are also other combo deals which allow users to avail of higher discounts.

All purchases come with free shipping, and payments can be done using Visa, Mastercard etc.


Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review – Powerful 500 Lumen LED?

Tactical or Military Grade flashlights are an all new range of lighting devices that have become available for commercial purchase in the past decade.

In their essence, these lights feature an advanced optical lens system that have been found to offer users with high luminosity and amazing zoom capabilities. Apart from the lighting intensity, these devices also offer more in terms of technical features when compared to traditional flashlights.

Some of the key features of tactical grade lights which make them unique include smaller battery sizes, optimal lighting focus systems, increased illumination ability.

Regular torches instead use bulky batteries which fail to deliver adequate current ratios and thus are able to offer only low levels of lighting. Similarly, they are quite heavy and difficult to lug around, thus making their portability quite low.

Lastly, another major problem with regular torches is that they discharge quite easily, and since they don’t usually feature rechargeable battery sources, they often die out easily. Also, due to the use of batteries, there is a high chance of the outer body rusting (if the environmental conditions are moist and humid).

What Is Army Gear Z9?

The Army Gear Z9 is an all new military grade flashlight that features LED bulbs that are currently being used by the Army Rangers and the Marine Corp. In terms of its functionality, the Army Gear Z9 incorporates within it a bulb that has a capacity of 500 lumen.

In fact, upon clinical testing, it has been found that the LED light delivers a high intensity beam that can be seen from 1-2 miles away. Secondly, the tactical light also includes an adjustable zoom function that has five modes including a strong, soft, and SOS mode. The latter being highly disorienting and can keep potential attackers at bay.

Army Gear Z9 Key Features

Portable: to increase its portability and ease of use, the Z9 has comes along with a convenient padded carrying case, a rechargeable battery, & a fully adjustable charger.

Durability: the outer body is made of ultra hardened aircraft grade aluminum that has been clinically tested. After rigorous experimentation, it has been found that the Aluminium can withstand high pressure and temperatures up to 4k degree Fahrenheit. Lastly, since the aluminium is made using special metallurgical processes, it is virtually indestructible

Camouflage Design: to give the flashlight a completely military aesthetic design, it has been dressed in modern infantry camo print. This not only gives the Z9 an appealing look, but also makes it much more easier to hide and disguise (in one’s clothing, baggage etc)

Long Life: as mentioned earlier, the bulb is of military grade that has been highly rated by relevant authorities. In fact, after laboratory testing, it has been found that each LED bulb inside the flashlight can be used for up to 100,000 hours.

Army Gear Z9 Reviews

Based upon more than 60 reviews, the Z9 Flashlight has been found to possess a rating of 4.9/5 stars.

Satisfied customers include Zach S. who says ‘I wasn’t initially expecting much from the flashlight, but when i finally got my hands on it, was pleasantly surprised. It features a highly focused beam that enables me to see quite far, and allows for my camping trips to become much more fruitful.’

Similarly, Carly P. says ‘ The Z9 meets all of my expectations well. Since i live in London it gets dark quite early. I use the flashlight to go for my evening walks, and it does the job quite well’.

Lastly, Tanveer J. says ‘For the price, there is nothing quite like it in the market. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high quality, budget flashlight’.

Purchasing Army Gear Z9

A single unit of the Army Gear Z9 is available for a reasonable price of $19.99. In terms of its availability, it can be purchased at the official web store of the company, or through the manufacturers online amazon portal. Payments can be done using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.


Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds Review – Microphone & One Touch Answering?

Traditional earbuds can be troublesome to deal with, especially because they have a tendency to come apart, ruin one’s device, become tangled, or cause pain and discomfort in one’s ear due to the design.

Those who are tired of traditional messy and tangled earbuds and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on Bluetooth buds, then this review would like to introduce an alternative approach that is certainly more economical, but that doesn’t skimp on quality and effectiveness either.

Called Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds, this device may be just what most individuals need when it comes to earbuds. Best of all, they make up for the shortfalls of most Bluetooth devices.

What Are Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds?

Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds are an alternative solution to traditional earbuds that tend to be uncomfortable, difficult to use, and that get tangled all too often.

With this revolutionary and easy to use set of buds, users can finally have an easier time listening to music or their phone without having to worry about spending hours detangling and maneuvering the buds. Further, those who are disdained with spending hundreds of dollars on a Bluetooth option can finally rejoice with this product and what it has to offer.

How Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds Work

Before choosing any product, including an earbud device, it is always useful to understand how it works. This way, users can make a solid determination as to whether it is right for them. In this case, Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds promotes amazing sound quality and a no-tangle design by way of the main components of the device.

To begin with, the sound quality is due to the high-quality and powerful speakers that are in the earbuds. Those who use this device will be able to compare them to the capabilities of a Bluetooth device, just without the exorbitant cost involved.

Better yet, the sound quality is clear, regardless of whether one is using their phone’s music features or video playback.

Second, the headphones have a no-hassle feature, which means that users can finally start using their headphones without having to worry about spending hours on end detangling the wire. To prevent tangling, the device features a magnetic cap. Once the cap is secured in place, the wires will not tangle and users will have an easy time using them when they need them.

Charges For Hours Of Use

Another outstanding feature of this device is that with just a few minutes of charging, users can be well on their way to using this product for hours on end. As the brand explains, the product charges in a matter of minutes.

Once it is charged, those who have the product can simply connect the headphones and use them to listen to music, make calls, or any anything else.

The Benefits Of Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds

There are many prominent benefits to be had when one adds Microboom to their routine. Here are the main advantages of this product so that users know what to expect:

A Convenient And Hassle Free Headphone System

One of the main advantages of this product is that it offers users the opportunity to use their headphones without any hassle involved. The product is a convenient solution that can be unclasped in a matter of seconds.

Users do not need to worry about these headphones becoming tangled either – they will stay untangled and intact once the magnetic clasps are connected.

Built-In Microphone

Second, the device features a built-in microphone that allows users to take calls quickly and easily. Very few headphone systems make it so simple to manage one’s calls and it is certainly much better than having to unplug the headphones before using the phone’s calling mechanism.

Hours Of Use For A Short Charge

Third, users are bound to love how long the phone can be used with just one charge. Each charging period takes a matter of minutes. Once fully charged, users can take the headphones with them anywhere for hours on end use, without having to worry about the battery dying.


Fourth, for those who are tired of uncomfortable and painful ear buds, then this product may be just the right solution. This device is designed to be extremely comfortable for ears of all sizes, which means no dealing with strained and sore ears.

Easy To Use

Finally, all of the mechanisms on this device are self-explanatory. Those who add this product to their routine won’t need to waste any time trying to figure the device out.

Clearly, there are many prominent benefits to be had when one adds Microboom to their routine. These headphones are simple, easy to use, and high-quality devices that can compensate for expensive headphones that are just not worth it sometimes.

Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds Summary

Overall, those who are interested in Microboom can order the product through the brand’s website. The device is currently being offered for just $29.99, plus shipping and handling. Those who are dissatisfied for any reason can return it for a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.