Tough Max Torch Tactical Flashlight Review – Compact LED Taclight?

Are you the adventurous, outdoorsy type in need of extreme durability and an ultra-bright beam? Perhaps you are just in need of a high-quality torch to light up the dark crevasses of your home to find lost items or to see what may be lurking in the darkness.

In any case, there is no comparison between a high-quality torch and a mediocre one.

In times of stress, a bright beam leading the way can be the difference of feeling anxious in the darkness or feeling secure in the brightness.

The market is somewhat over saturated in the supply of torches. It can be difficult to know what product to use. There are so many cheap and flimsy lights on the market that it is hard to discover what products are recommendable.

What is paramount in choosing a flashlight is quality?

Torches fall into the category of items that cannot be substituted by mediocre products. Like knives or good shoes, quality cannot be replaced by low priced items. One expects to rely on these products in situations of uncertainty.

One way to limit your uncertainty is to look for dependable, durable products. The Tough Max Torch is just that. This built to last torch was designed for maximum results in the most extreme situations.

The Tough Max Torch claims to perform time and time again in the most challenging conditions. Whether the light is underwater, dropped from a height or even rolled over by a vehicle, the torch is designed to deal with just about anything.

What Is Tough Max Torch?

Words like; strength, weather resilient, super- bright and control could be used when describing the Tough Max Torch by JML. These buzzwords are what one would hope to expect from a high-quality torch, and the company claims not to disappoint.

The Tough Max Torch is named tough for a reason; the company alleges that the light can be dropped, crushed, and even driven over by a ten-tonne truck! Even though the torch is extremely durable, it does not give rise to being heavy.

The torch is crafted with an aluminum design which affords users the option of transporting the torch with them everywhere they go.

It can easily fit into one’s purse or pocket. As a bonus JML is offering a fabric storage pouch with a belt loop and wrist wrap.

Most importantly, the light emitting from the torch is an impressive 6000 lux of brightness. This is the primary advantage of choosing a super-bright Light Emitting Diode torch which can be measured as 14 times stronger than that of certain torches.

This extreme light can be controlled by the torch’s zooming focus which lets you adapt the beam to whatever setting you prefer, whether it is a specific spotlight or room-flooding light.

What’s more is that the torch’s functionality boasts five beam modes.

There are mode functions for Low, Medium and High brightness to cater for whatever situation you may need them in. On top of this, the torch has the option of a strobe mode, creating flashing strobe lights for ultimate visibility.

The torch could be used in extreme safety situations as it has a mode which uses an ‘S.O.S’ Morse code flashing signal. If you ever fall victim to a situation where you have to be rescued, then this torch could save your life.

Tough Max Torch Benefits

  • Over 6,000 lux 14x brighter than ordinary torches
  • Spotlight to floodlight adjustability
  • 5 beam modes
  • Fits in pockets and purses
  • Ultimate durability and strength
  • Suitable for all weather conditions

Tough Max Torch Conclusion

It is easy to spot the differences when comparing ordinary torches to the Tough Max Torch. The Extreme durability that the torch boasts is very impressive. It seems almost invincible when compared to the everyday common torches available on the market.

Whether you are a recreational camper or an extreme explorer in the wilderness, this multi-functioning torch offers you security with its blazing light and safety S.O.S mode.

This built to last torch is also perfect for lighting up a room during a power outage. Whatever the situation the 5 active modes will cater for any need you may have.

TinyEye Spy Camera Review – Compact USB HD Audio & Video Security Cam?

Taking care of your safety and security is one of the best things that you can do for your state of mind. Unfortunately, most men and women underestimate the importance of their security and they fail to take the necessary precautions.

The good news is that now, there are a number of great products on the market that make it easier to ensure that you are safe and secure.

With that, this review would like to introduce you to a new device on the marked that is extremely easy and simple to use. Called the Tiny Eye, this device makes it easier for you to monitor the space around you so that you can feel protected at all times.

What Is TinyEye?

The Tiny Eye is a self-proclaimed “HD Spy Camera” that can capture everything in your vicinity.

You can wear the camera on your person by using the keychain feature or you can place it around your place and monitor it when you have help around, such as a babysitter or caretaker.

With this device, you are not only able to protect yourself, but also your family members and pets. The device is also very difficult to detect if you place it around the home, which gives you another sense of added security.

TinyEye 1080 HD Camera

When choosing a security device, it is important to consider the quality of the camera. After all, if you can’t see well when using the device, then its effectiveness is moot.

Luckily, when it comes to the Tiny Eye, you can expect it to provide you with a clear, crisp, and high-definition image. The camera is in 1080 high definition, which means that you should be able to view the images clearly and without issues.

The camera is also very easy to set up and use and with that, you’ll be able to activate it quickly so that you can start collecting the necessary images.

In addition to recording video, the device is also able to record audio. This way, you can capture both the audio and the images necessary to ensure that you and your family are completely safe in all instances.

You can carry the Tiny Eye around throughout the day o you can use it in your own home and expect to get the quality that you expect.

Sync TinyEye With Mac Or PC

The Tiny Eye is also complete compatible with your computer. You can sync it with your mac or PC so that you can set it up on your computer, turn your computer camera on, and allow the device to record the video and the audio.

By making the product compatible with a range of technology, you’ll be able to use it no matter what kind you have. You’ll also love how easy it is to sync it to your mac or PC. Essentially, the entire process takes a matter of minutes and it all works well too.

TinyEye Qualities

The Tiny Eye is a sleek and high tech device that has a number of outstanding capabilities. Here are a few of the main qualities to this product so that you know what to expect when you add it to your routine:

A Discretely Visible Camera

One of the best qualities of this device is that the camera is hardly visible. By ensuring that people won’t be able to notice that you are using a camera. This way, you can get the realest impression of what is going on in your space and around you.

Further, unlike other camera, you can also hide this one well in your space so that if you have anyone around, they’ll act normally without even noticing that you’re recording.

Records Audio from 20 Feet Away

A second important quality to this device is that it will record audio from 20 feet away. This is a great distance and it ensures that you’re able to monitor your space in the best way possible. You’ll be able to listen to the audio easily and clearly when you play it back as well.

Auto-On Motion

The auto-on motion capability is a motion detection sensor. When there is motion in the area, the camera will automatically turn on. Further, the auto-on motion detector also enables multi-day battery life and security.

This way, you won’t need to worry about constantly charging the device because the motion sensor will keep it efficient.

Easy On-Off Buttons

The device also has easy on-off buttons that can be activated quickly and simply at any time. This way, you can record wheat you need when you think it is necessary.

A Reliable Product

Finally, the Tiny Eye is very reliable. You can use it at any time and you can track what you need, whenever. The safety and security qualities of the device ensure that you can safeguard your family, your home, possessions, and the like.

As you can tell, there are many benefits to be had when you add the Tiny Eye to your daily lifestyle. You can use it whenever you need to and then view the images and audio that you’ve recorded throughout the day.

This camera makes it easier for you to take control of your safety and security so that you can feel more comfortable and better on a daily basis.

Purchasing TinyEye

If you are interested in purchasing the Tiny Eye, then you can do so through the Vimeo website. Place your order and receive it within a week or two. Further, you’ll find that setting up the camera and using it is quick and simple so that you can get started right away.

TinyEye Summary

Overall, Tiny Eye is a great way to achieve an added level of security and safety. You can use the camera at home, at work, and when you’re out and about. With these qualities, you’ll have all of the support that you need to feel better daily.

To order, visit the brand’s website today.