Rely-a-Light Review – Quality Decorative Emergency Lighting?

Rely-A-Light Review

Rely-a-Light is a special lamp that acts like a normal lamp until the power goes out. Find out everything you need to know about this innovative product today in our Rely-a-Light review.

What Is Rely-a-Light?

rely-a-lightRely-a-Light is a lineup of lamps. At first glance, they just look like typical lamps. In fact, the lamps function exactly like typical lamps – at least, until your power goes out.

When a power outage strikes, these lamps automatically go to work with no human interaction required. During a power outage, the high-powered LED emergency lights in the base of the lamp will light up, illuminating your room for 16 hours despite the lack of power.

Better yet, the lamps come with a built-in USB port that can power any of your consumer electronics – even without electricity.

Oh, and the lamps are designed to be stylish, minimalistic, and chic. Multiple designs are available, with each lamp priced between $150 and $200.

Let’s take a closer look at how Rely-a-Light works.

How Does Rely-a-Light Work?

Rely-a-Light uses proprietary LED technology to ensure you stay “safe and bright” when the power goes out.

When the power is on, the light functions as normal: the bulb at the top of the lamp is lit up and fits in beside all your other furniture.

Then, when the power goes out, and the lamp detects that it has lost power supply, then the bottom of the lamp lights up with LEDs while also activating the USB ports within.

The lamp uses a battery. When asked how long the battery will last, the company claims that, “Considering the average occurrence of power outages, the battery will last many years.” If you do need to replace the battery, then you can ship the lamp to the company, where they will replace the lamp’s battery “for a nominal fee plus shipping costs”. They do not recommend trying to take the lamp apart on your own.

After your power comes back on, your lamp will draw electricity from your standard outlet. If your lamp is completely dead, then it will take about 24 hours to fully recharge the battery of the lamp from dead.

The top of the lamp, meanwhile, uses a standard bulb. There’s a maximum wattage, but other than that restriction, you’re free to choose whichever compact fluorescent bulb or LED bulb you like.

If your lamp turns on after losing power and you want it to turn off, then you’re encouraged to turn off the emergency function using a switch at the base of the lamp.

Rely-a-Light Lamp Angel

Typically, Rely-a-Light products are priced at $150 to $200. However, the company recently released (in 2014) a product called Lamp Angel. That product comes with the same emergency light and USB port of the conventional Rely-a-Light, but it also comes with color changing LEDs. Those LEDs can be adjusted (using a remote) to change the lamp to a dozen different colors.

The lamp is targeted towards parents of younger children. If you want a Rely-a-Light for your child’s bedroom, then the Lamp Angel promises to be the best option.

The Lamp Angel is also shatter-resistant. So even if your children knock it off their desk or table, it won’t immediately shatter into a million dangerous pieces.


Rely-a-Light Products and Pricing

There are a total of 12 Rely-a-Light products currently available online from, including all of the following:

  • Lamp Angel: $49.99
  • Dawn: $129.00
  • Aurora: $149.99
  • Meira: $149.99
  • Baleigh: $179.99
  • Clair: $179.99
  • Elana: $179.99
  • Ellen: $179.99
  • Lenora: $179.99
  • Luce: $179.99
  • Phoebe: $179.99
  • Sydnie: $179.99

You can pay online at the official website using any major credit card or PayPal.

Who Makes The Rely-a-Light?

The Rely-a-Light is made by a company named Opal Group, LLC.

The story behind that company started in 2009 when the company’s founder went through the worst ice storm the South had seen in 25 years. The founder’s father suffered from Alzheimer’s and had a chronic lung condition requiring oxygen 24 hours a day. During the ice storm, he was walking around his home when he tripped over his oxygen tube and fell.

Thankfully, the father was okay. But the founder realized it could have been much worse. They created the Rely-a-Light as a way to prevent people from fumbling around during power outages.

The founder has a background in interior design. Her husband has a background in electrical contracting. Together, they designed the Rely-a-Light.

Opal Group, LLC was formed in 2012. By the end of that year, they had built 280 lamps in their garage. In 2013, they opened a fulfilment center. In 2014, they launched Lamp Angel – a product that has since become very popular.

The company is well-known for its slogan “Blackouts turn me ON!”.

Should You Use the Rely-a-Light to Protect your Family?

The Rely-a-Light is designed to protect you and your family during a power outage. Instead of fumbling around the home in the dark, using cell phones or candles to guide you, you can have lights automatically come on as soon as power is lost.

That’s more important than you think: the creators of Rely-a-Light frequently tell us that 33% of fatal home fires are caused by candles used for light during power outages. That’s actually “one of the main reasons that we created this product”, explains the manufacturer.

With that in mind, Rely-a-Light may be a welcome addition to any home – whether you get frequent power outages, infrequent outages, or you just want a fancy lamp with a USB port.


UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Review – Rechargeable Tactical Laser Set?

UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Review Guide

The UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit is a laser set that includes all the necessary accessories for maintaining the quality of the kit. This is our review.


What Is the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit?

Disasters and emergency situations are notorious for being unpredictable. No one thinks that these events are something that needs to be planned for, since no one thinks it will happen to them. Unfortunately, emergency preparedness is just about smart planning, and there are a few things that you must have ready when you need it. While a first aid kit and water may be the first things that you pack, you should also include the UltraBeam laser.

This laser kit is designed to help you see long distances, and can serve a multitude of different purposes. In fact, when you turn the laser on, you can see it’s light for up to two miles, which is perfect if you are trying to signal someone for rescue.

The laser runs on a rechargeable 3.7-volt 2500MAH lithium-ion battery. Since it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing the batteries. You can just charge up the laser and leave it in the kit. The charge will deplete over time, so you should make sure to charge it back up every so often, giving it the power it needs to perform when disaster strikes.


However, this laser’s use isn’t exclusive to emergency preparedness. There are many uses for the laser, helping you to survive in so many ways. The powerful laser can be used to inhibit the sight of someone who tries to attack you. The laser is powerful enough to blind someone, so you will need to take care not to shine it in someone’s eyes unless you need to defend yourself. You can also light a match with this laser, which helps to keep your family warm and keep a consistent level of light available in any situation.

This kit has everything you need to keep the laser functioning properly. In each package, even the multi-packs of the product, you will receive:

  • The laser
  • A charger for the laser
  • An additional lens
  • A waterproof case, for storage
  • A safety lock, to prevent over-usage

Read on to find out why this product is so valuable for your emergency preparedness and everyday life.

How the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit Works

This laser is designed to be the perfect solution in an emergency. The laser has the maximum legal wattage, making it powerful enough to be seen for miles. Essentially, the main reason that this laser is so effective that you will probably want to stock up on multiple lasers, ensuring that you are prepared for any event.

Pricing for the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit

When you purchase the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit, you can order multiple lasers at a time. As you order more, the value of your purchase increases, while the amount you pay per unit goes down. You can order up to 20 lasers in your purchase to receive the discounts. The sets do not include the batteries necessary to turn on the light. Here are the rates for each package:

  • One laser: $54, plus $5 for shipping
  • Two lasers: $90 ($45 per unit)
  • Three lasers: $120 ($40 per unit)
  • Four lasers: $159 ($39 per unit)
  • Five lasers: $185 ($37 per unit)
  • Ten lasers: $330 ($33 per unit)
  • 15 lasers: $465 ($31 per unit)
  • 20 lasers: $600 ($30 per unit)

If your purchase exceeds $75, you qualify for free shipping. Essentially, this means if you order at least two lasers, you won’t have to cover the cost to ship them. Otherwise, there is a $5 flat fee for shipping.

Contacting the Makers of the UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit

If you need more information about this UltraBeam Survival Laser Kit, or you want to check on the status of your order, the only way that you can really reach the company is by calling or sending a letter.

To reach the company via phone, call 844-381-6663. There are no listed hours of operation, and there is no indication if there is an answering service if no one picks up.

To reach the company through the mail, address your letter to:

Official Survival Kit
1780 w 9000 so suite 111
West Jordan 84088


Emergency preparedness is essential in this day and age. While so many of the disasters that strike seem to be out of the United States, there are many earthquakes and other events that could happen at any moment. You need to make sure you are safe and that your family is as well. You get better value for these lasers as you increase the quantity, saving almost half of the total cost by getting the biggest set. Make sure you have a laser in every area you may need it, whether that means you store some at work, in your home office, or even in your glove compartment in the car.

Luminess Air Review – New Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup System Worth It?

Luminess Air Review

These days, applying makeup does not need to be boring, painful, or difficult. The makeup and beauty industry is changing, and for the better. Now, you can apply your makeup in a totally revolutionary manner and attain that flawless, uniform, and professional appearance that you are always striving for.


The brand that is revolutionizing the beauty industry is called Luminess Air and it is known for its line of airbrush cosmetics. If you have never heard of airbrush cosmetics, but are intrigued about this new and interesting way to apply makeup, then you’re in the right place. This review is going to cover everything you need to know about Luminess Air and its line of airbrush cosmetics.

About Luminess Air

Luminess Air is an airbrush cosmetics brand. Airbrush cosmetics is a simple concept. Instead of applying your makeup using a traditional makeup brush that contains numerous germs, caked up makeup, and contamination, you apply it using an airbrush. The airbrush is similar in shape to a hthink pen and it releases a gentle and smooth stream of the product onto your face.

Airbrush cosmetics come in many different forms. With a Luminess Air airbrush, you can apply the brand’s moisturizer, toner, eye shadow, blush, and the like to your face. When you apply the airbrush makeup correctly, you’ll be able to achieve optimal blending, highlighting, and professional and micro-fine results.

Easy Color Matching

Luminess Air wants you to be fully pleased with your Luminess Air product. When you order Luminess Air, you receive a color foundation kit. The color foundation kit is customized just for your specific skin tone so that you can achieve even, uniform, and flawless results when you apply the product using the applicator.

Before you order your first Luminess Air airbrush makeup kit, you can go through the color matching system offered on the brand’s website. Once you reach the webpage, you’ll be directed to three different tests. The three tests are:

  • Luminess Foundation Color
  • Report Your Current Foundation
  • Find the Perfect Product for You

Each test provides you with different information, but if you are simply looking to start with the foundation, you should do the foundation color test. With the test, you can find the perfect foundation for your skin so that when you apply using the Luminess Air, you’ll achieve flawless and perfect results.


The Airbrush Makeup Kit

If you are interested in Luminess Air, it is recommended that you start out with the Airbrush Makeup Kit. This kit is for starters and it includes everything that you need to achieve that flawless look right from the comfort of your own home.

Here are the components of the kit so that you know exactly what you are getting when you first purchase the product:

The Applicator

The most important piece to your kit is the applicator. The application is essentially an air pump that releases air so that the makeup can smoothly and gently airbrush onto your face. To ensure optimal satisfaction, the brand recently revamped its applicator tip. Therefore, when you order the kit, you’ll received the new and improved no mess tip so that when you apply, you’re doing so without any hassle or mess.

At first glance, the applicator can seem a bit puzzling and using it can take some time to learn. Fortunately, to make things easy for you, the brand offers numerous “how-to” videos on using the applicator. Keep in mind that to achieve the best results, you should pull back the application button ever so gently. Otherwise, you risk spraying on too much product. While it may seem a bit daunting or challenging now, it is simply because you don’t have the product. Once you start actually using it, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

$80 Value of Bonus Gifts

The product also comes with a number of free bonus gifts that you can use once you set up your applicator. The free bonus gifts include foundation, moisturizer, blush, and a primer.  It is important to do the color match test to ensure that you receive the right shake for your kit. The kit comes in a number of shades, one of which is ideal for your skin tone.

Activate Your Warranty

After you order your first kit, you should take the time to register your product on the brand’s website. In doing so, you set up the warranty system. The warranty system ensures that your product is fully protected by the industry-leading warranty. The warranty provides you with quality care and service, so long as you have the product.

Registration takes a matter of minutes and the page is on the brand’s website.

Refer a Friend

Luminess Air likes to reward its customers for referring a friend. When you refer a friend, they receive 25% off all products on the brand’s website. If your friend purchases more than $50 worth of products, then you receive a $50 credit to your account. This enables you to shop Luminess Products and to fully enjoy from all of the product offerings.

Free Shipping

The savings and deals just get better with Luminess. If your order totals more than $50, then you receive free shipping.  Also, once you order, your product is shipped out by the next day so that you can enjoy from your new Luminess products as soon as possible.

Tutorial Videos

If you are just starting out with Luminess or if you are looking to develop advanced techniques to using the airbrush, then the brand has you covered. There are dozens of videos that you can browse through that provide you with direction on how to achieve the results that you are looking for. With the directional videos, you can make the most out of your airbrush experience.


Overall, Luminess Air is a premier airbrush brand. The products are made with high quality ingredients, you’ll love the array of options, and the airbrush is a significant and welcome departure from standard skincare and beauty products. With Luminess Air, you no longer have to fiddle with your applicators and put terrible germs and build up on your skin. Now, you can achieve clean and flawless results with Luminess Air.

LithiumCard Pro Reviews – Fastest Phone Charger In The World?

LithiumCard Pro Review

LithiumCard Pro promises to be “the world’s fastest charger for every device.” You can charge two devices simultaneously and charge your iPhone 3 times faster than a conventional charger. Does it actually work? Here’s our review.


What Is The LithiumCard Pro?

The LithiumCard Pro is a mobile device charger capable of charging all your different consumer electronics. It can charge up to two devices at once and it claims to charge “300% faster than the Apple iPhone charger.” All non-iPhone devices are also charged more quickly.

Based on this information, the LithiumCard Pro claims to be “the world’s fastest charger for every device.”

Oh, and did I mention that it comes with its own cables? You don’t need to bring any cables with you. The cables lie hidden within the charger when not in use, so the entire package folds up neatly.

Each charger is priced at around $60, although you can save quite a bit of money by buying in bulk (reduces the price down to $40 each when buying three, for example).


How Does The LithiumCard Pro Work?

The LithiumCard Pro works with all major consumer electronics. It has an Apple Lightning connector that works with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus.

There’s also a micro USB connector that will work with virtually any non-Apple device, including most Android phones and tablets as well as other electronics like Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The LithiumCard Pro, like all good chargers, lets you charge the charger while also charging your phone at the same time. That may sound like a basic idea, but it’s something cheap chargers will lack.

You use the connected cords to charge your device – whatever that device may be. As your device charges using the LithiumCard Pro, the power on the charger will drain. You can check how much power is remaining in your charger at any time simply by pressing the indicator button, which will reveal different colors:

  • -Blue: Over 10% charged
  • -White: Over 90% charged
  • -Red: Less than 10% charged

The LithiumCard Pro comes with a proprietary technology called a HyperPort, also known as the HyperCharging Hub. That HyperPort lets you share your charger with your friends. You’ll need to pay extra for the HyperPort (it’s an extra accessory), which basically just lets you charge more than two devices at the same time. You can also use the HyperPort to connect your own charging cable.

Your purchase also comes with a nanostick pad. That pad lets you press the battery charger against your phone so you can charge your phone at any time.

One big “catch” with the LithiumCard Pro is that it won’t actually fully charge your modern smartphone. It claims that its battery will fully charge an iPhone 5, 5S, 6, and 6S. However, an iPhone 6 Plus and a 6S Plus will only be charged to about 75% to 85% full.

The makers of LithiumCard Pro don’t mention whether or not all Android devices will be charged to 100%. But based on the iPhone information, it’s unlikely that modern Androids with larger screens and larger batteries will be fully charged to 100% with LithiumCard Pro.

Like all lithium batteries, the charging capability of the LithiumCard Pro will decay over time. The makers of the charger claim that it can operate at peak efficiency for over 1000 cycles. Each cycle is one complete charge and discharge. After 1000 cycles, it will still be able to charge your phone, but it will do so at about 10 to 15% of its usual capacity.

Does It Actually Charge Devices More Quickly?

The LithiumCard Pro claims to be the world’s fastest charger. The secret power behind this technology is the “HyperCharging” platform, which was “developed exclusively by the LinearFlux engineers” according to the official website.

That platform is smarter than most chargers. It will actually monitor and communicate with your device “so that the most optimal charging curve is achieved.”

Ultimately, this technology means that the LithiumCard Pro can give you three times faster charging on a conventional iPhone. So you won’t charge a modern smartphone completely full but you will charge it

The manufacturer of LithiumCard Pro doesn’t state whether or not their charger is faster than Android’s QuickCharge 2.0 technology, which fully charges a smartphone from 0 to 100 in about an hour.

LithiumCard Pro Pricing

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the LithiumCard Pro. You can currently only purchase it from the official website at Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • -1 Charger: $59.99 + Free Shipping
  • -2 Chargers: $89.99 + Free Shipping
  • -3 Chargers: $120 + Free Shipping

The LithiumCard Pro is available to ship to the United States and Canada. Shipping is free to both countries.

With each charger, you can choose the two types of cards you would like to receive, including Apple + Apple, Apple + Android, or Android + Android (Android cables are micro-USB cables compatible with many other electronic devices).

All chargers also come with nanostick pads that let you stick the charger to a device. You get one nanostick pad per charger. So when you buy the three pack, you’ll get three nanostick pads.

The official website accepts all major credit cards.

You can also purchase another LinearFlux charging device from Amazon for $27.99. That’s not the same as the LithiumCard Pro (it only has one charging cable), but it promises the same faster charging technology.

Who Makes LithiumCard Pro?

LithiumCard Pro is made by a company named LinearFlux. That company is based in San Jose, California. It originally launched on IndieGoGo in early 2015, where it reached 484% of its funding target.

LinearFlux’s About page describes how the company has over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry and is “focused in pioneering products that incorporate the needs of today’s lifestyle.”

You can contact the company using the email contact form found here.

Battery Tender Review – Deltran’s World Famous Vehicle Charger?

Battery Tender Review

Battery Tender is a lineup of battery chargers designed to charge up and maintain all different types of vehicle batteries. Here’s our review of the Deltran Battery Tender.


What Is the Battery Tender?

battery-tender-reviewThe Battery Tender is a lineup of portable battery chargers made by Deltran. The company’s portable chargers promise to charge and maintain the batteries in all different types of vehicles – including everything from dirt bikes to RVs to tractors to boats.

The chargers are designed for people who own vehicles that aren’t driven very often – like show cars or RVs. If you’re worried about whether or not your vehicle will start, then you’re encouraged to use the Battery Tender to minimize your vehicle’s downtime.

You leave the Battery Tender in place when the vehicle is not in use, then enjoy a fast and easy startup the next time you need it.

Deltran was founded in 1965 and is well-known for its lineup of automotive car chargers. The company’s float/maintenance charging technology was created in the 1990s specifically for motorcycle owners. Today, the technology has been expanded to cater to batteries of all different sizes. Let’s take a closer look at how the company’s core product works.

How Do Battery Tender Chargers Work?

What makes Battery Tender chargers superior to conventional chargers? Battery Tender chargers come with something called BTP Microprocessor Technology along with faster connections. Together, these features promise to help maintain the batteries in all your vehicles so “they are ready to go when you are.”

You just set the Battery Tender and forget it. So instead of worrying about whether or not your car will start the next time you fire it up, you can relax knowing Battery Tender has your back.

After you hook up your battery, your Battery Tender device will enter into a float-voltage mode, where it continuously monitors and maintains the voltage on your battery for as long as you have your battery connected. That means you get a properly charged battery when you need it.

Many Battery Tender chargers come with some valuable safety features – including reverse polarity protection and spark-proof clamps. So even if you mess up the connection process, you’re not going to get yourself into too much trouble.

Battery Tender Chargers

Battery Tender has dozens of different products split into different categories. The company’s products are spread across all of the following categories:

  • -Accessories
  • -Automotive
  • -Batteries
  • -Electric Vehicle
  • -Farm & Garden
  • -Industrial
  • -Marine
  • -Motorcycle
  • -RV
  • -Solar
  • -Telecom

Each category has different Battery Tender chargers suited for different sizes and types of batteries. For example, there’s the Battery Tender Plus High Efficiency model ($69.95) in the automotive category designed for use with standard vehicles. There’s also a Heavy Duty DVD-40 Modified 12V-12V Dual 12V @ 20 A charger ($599.95).

You can also purchase simple electronic accessories like the Battery Tender Dual Port USB Charger.

Put simply, if you need an electronic device that affects your car’s battery – either by keeping your electronics charged or by keeping your battery powered – then Battery Tender likely has the product you need.

Battery Tender Plus

The Battery Tender Plus tends to be the company’s most popular product. It’s available at a reasonable price ($69.95) that puts it within range of average vehicle owners. It’s a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge your battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

Your $69.95 purchase comes with a quick connect ring terminal harness for connecting to hard-to-reach areas as well as alligator clips to provide an alternate connection.

With Battery Tender Plus (and many other Battery Tender products), your battery charger goes through a four step charging program, including Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, and Float Mode).

Battery Tender Plus is specifically advertised to protect all lead-acid, flooded, or sealed maintenance free batteries, including AGM and gel cell. It can easily charge and maintain 6V or 12V batteries. Reading reviews online, it appears the battery charger is particularly popular with owners of classic show cars, golf carts, ATVs, and other vehicles that are rarely driven.

About Deltran

Deltran USA, LLC is based at the following Florida address:

801 International Speedway Blvd
DeLand, FL 32724

You can get in touch with the company by phone at (386) 736-7900 or by email at

Ultimately, Battery Tender is catered to vehicle owners who want to maintain their batteries during long periods of inactivity. Whether it’s a farm vehicle, an RV, a motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle, Battery Tender is popular among all different types of vehicle owners as a practical float charging solution.

Xiaomi QiCycle Review – Affordable Foldable Electric Bicycle?

Xiaomi QiCycle Review

The Xioami QiCycle is a foldable electric bike that costs just $455. The miniature bike is part of Xiaomi’s “Mi Ecosystem”. Find out everything you need to know about the bike today in our review.


What Is The Xioami QiCycle?

The QiCycle is a foldable electric bicycle made by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. The bike is priced at $455 and is designed as part of the company’s Mi Ecosystem of tech gadgets.

The bike is officially priced at 2,999 yuan, and you can only order it from China – so claiming that it’s $455 is a bit misleading (you’ll have to find a way to ship it overseas).

This is actually the second bike Xiaomi has released this year. Xiaomi recently gave money to a startup called iRiding, which released its premium 19,999 yuan (about $3,000 USD) Qicycle R1 back in March.

With the $455 QiCycle, Xiaomi has been able to place its brand on the bike in an effort to target a wider market.

The bike clocks in at 14.5kg, which is twice as heavy as the Qicycle R1 (which is made from carbon fiber). However, the QiCycle has the advantage of folding up into a smaller frame.

The QiCycle electric bike is about to launch in China, while the QiCycle R1 is available for purchase ($3599) and shipping around the world.


Xiaomi QiCycle Features

The key feature on the QiCycle is the 250W motor. That motor will make it easier to pedal. You can switch between modes to decide how much of an assist you want to get. There’s also a three speed hub to control how hard you pedal.

The motor claims to be good for up to 45km on a single charge.

Whenever a tech giant makes a bike, you know there are going to be smart features included. As you may have guessed, the Xiaomi QiCycle comes with Bluetooth connectivity along with a companion app that gives you feedback about your ride.

You can use the Bluetooth connection to connect your QiCycle to the companion app. Then, you can check that companion app to get data about the status of your bike, your ride stats, and your GPS navigation.

There’s even a small display on the handlebars that tells you the time, speed, distance, dynamic power, and battery charge status.

Toggle between modes to adjust your power usage accordingly. There’s a Fitness mode, for example, as well as a Power-Saving mode, Balanced mode, and Extra Power mode.

Oh, and there’s a front light and a red brake light at the back to ensure you stay safe while out on the road.

How To Buy The Xiaomi QiCycle

The Xiaomi QiCycle is exclusively available in China through Xiaomi, where it’s being launched as part of a crowdfunding effort through the Mijia app.

That means it’s hard for westerners to get access to the bike. You need to know someone in China and be able to arrange overseas deliveries. Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait for the Xiaomi QiCycle to come to western markets (if it ever arrives at all).

What Is The Xiaomi QiCycle R1 Black?

The Xiaomi QiCycle R1 Black is available to western markets, where it’s priced at $3599 from the official Xiaomi website.

The R1 Black has similar tech features compared to the QiCycle, although it’s designed as more of a standard bike instead of a foldable electric bicycle. It doesn’t have an electric motor, for example, and it comes with an extremely lightweight design thanks to the carbon fiber frame.

So although it costs more than the QiCycle, the QiCycle R1 Black is a totally different product.

Xiaomi QiCycle Accessories

Xiaomi also sells a wide variety of accessories designed for use with your bicycle, including other members of the Mi Ecosystem like the Mi Band Pulse. There’s also a Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Bike Mount that can ride on your handlebars with you.

Ultimately, Xiaomi is doing some exciting things in the world of cycling. There’s the high-end QiCycle R1 Black that’s designed as a world-class lightweight racing bike with smart feedback; and then there’s the QiCycle electric bike that’s priced at a reasonable $460 and folds up into a compact frame. The QiCycle R1 Black is available to order online for $3599 USD, while the QiCycle electric bike is not yet available for purchase.

Wynd Air Purifier System – Portable Smart Home Air Cleaner?

Wynd Air Purifier System Review

The average home does not have good air quality. The problem is most severe when you live in a urban environment and there are no air purification systems in you your home. Air purification is not only necessary in the home, but it goes well beyond into public spaces. If fresh, clean, and pure air is important to you, then you should consider purchasing an air quality system that provides you with fresh and clean air.

A Kickstarter campaign was recently started for a new product called Wynd – a portable air purification system that you can take with you anywhere or leave in your home. Here is a review of Wynd to determine whether the product is ideal for you.

About Wynd

Wynd-Personal-Air-PurifierWynd is the latest portable air purification system that acts as a smart device. Not only does the system release clean air wherever you are, but the device also detects the air quality in your space and provides you with information about the air you are breathing. Poor air quality is a global issue and now, you can create your own healthy air environment with Wynd.

The device comes with a filtration system that clears away the dirty components in the air and best of all, when you run out of a filter, the company will ship you a replacement so that you can maintain clean air on a consistent basis.

The Size of the Device

Wynd is a small device, but its power is outstanding. Wynd conveniently fits on your desk, in a suitcase, in your baby’s carriage, or in your space at your local coffee shop.

This intelligent air purification system can be brought with you everywhere and it monitors the air around you and cleans it as needed. If you are ready to take control of your personal space and to clear the dirty air around you, then this device is the perfect way to do it.

One of the best qualities to this device is that by maintaining clean air, it protects you from developing harmful disease or health issues. The device is especially useful for those who suffer from asthma or who are unable to manage with smog and other harmful substances – such as children and the elderly.

Featured in Numerous Publications

You know you’ve found a high-quality and reliable product when it has been featured in some of the world’s most popular publications and by the top legitimate news sources in the country. Wynd’s popularity and qualities have been extensively discussed by Tech Crunch, Business Insider, Yahoo! Tech, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Gizmag, and Ping West. The extensive coverage provides you with insight as to how well the product works and how some of the world’s tech authors are responding to this great gizmo.

For instance, according to TechCrunch, “Most startups want to reinforce your phone or maybe make your speakers a bit more portable. And then there are ones that have the weight of the world on their shoulders.” This quote refers to wind and all of its potential and power.

The Filtration System

As you can imagine, one of the most important qualities to this product is the filtration system. The product keeps your personal space free from particulates, which include industrial pollution, allergens, and germs. If you are interested in viewing exactly what Wynd filters, then you can visit the brand’s website. There is a nifty chart that lists all of the substances that Wynd filters.

To make things easy for you though, here is a list of a few of the substances:

  • Pollen
  • Spores
  • Mold
  • Cat dander
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Viruses
  • Sawdust
  • Pulverized coal
  • Auto emissions
  • Wood smoke
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Smog
  • Cooking smoke
  • Gases

As you can tell, the list is quite extensive. Despite the device’s small and convenient size, it can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second, which is a massive amount of air and more than enough for you to take in and enjoy.

The filtration system starts at the circumference of the system, where the filtration system is encompassed. Once the air enters through the circumference, it travels through the filter and the top of the device diffuses the purified air into your environment. To ensure that the clean air is directed toward you, the device can be set at an angle, which you’ll be able to see when you visit the brand’s site and view the photos.

Monitors Air Quality

Another great quality to this product is that it does a splendid job at monitoring the air quality in your space. The device is capable of tracking and purifying the air and the tracker can actually detach from the device for ultimate mobility.

The tracker is a tiny cube that senses the level of particles in the air, regardless of the source. This way, you know exactly when you need to activate the purifier and when you should stay away from a certain environment because the air is just too dirty. In addition, you can even learn more about the air you are breathing through the application that comes with the device.

Wynd Application

Wynd comes with a nifty and highly technological application that is easy to use. You can open the application on your smartphone to gain insight about the environment around you. The application will notify you when the air quality around you is worsening and you can even track changes in air quality over time.

The program even goes as far as informing you as to how much pollution there is and how to keep it out of your lungs. As you can tell, Wynd is an all-around great device that has numerous capabilities and useful qualities. You’ll love the product’s ability to keep you and your family safe, wherever you are.

If you are interested, you can even view how Wynd is different from your standard air purifier. The chart is on the brand’s website – which is recommended that you view.


Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and effective air filtration system that you can take with you everywhere, then this is the right program for you. You can even learn and monitor the air around you using the application. As a whole, there are few, if any products on the market that provide you with such amazing qualities and thorough and detailed information.

Energysquare Review – New Way Of Charging Smart Phones & Tables?

Energysquare Review

It is hard to believe that electricity was once a failing idea. Although Thomas Edison eventually figured out how to make a successful incandescent light bulb, it took almost 40 years for electric utilities to become usable and profitable. Up until that point, electricity was just a pipe dream, a vision. Though a world without electricity seems unimaginable, a century later and innovation still has the ability to change the world.

As society enters the “age of the geek”, technological innovation is still built on failures and bad choices. Innovation is built on ideas and faith that people put into these concepts. Once conceptualized, they are accepting the possibility of failure in order to make success possible. Without innovation, the printing press, internet, photography, and the IPhone, would be mythical.


Innovations are a vital part to the physical and operating framework of the modern world. Technological advancements have made it possible to better the world and provide humanity with access to resources that were previously inaccessible. Whether it’s scientific breakthroughs in cancer research, or radar technology for submarines, innovation has been the success of civilization.

Technology really started to take off during the Industrial Revolution when society shifted focus from farming and agriculture to science and reason. The successful waves of rationalism allowed the introduction of the steam engine, industrial steelmaking, and soil drilling and refining. Once these products became vital to the economy, the demand for material output rose rapidly. Soon after, came transportation and automobiles.

No longer limited to horse and carriage, trains, buses, and airplanes soon became popular modes of transportation. Looking back, it must have been an exciting time for society as technology began to spread into all aspects of daily living. Once all of these things had been established, innovation also allowed real-time communication with other people. Beginning with the telegraph, followed by the telephone, which was then followed by the radio, information was moving faster than the man on the pony express.  Today, we have the internet, which has brought a new scale and speed to communication that was once very limited.

All innovation has provided society with the ability to make choices. All of these breakthroughs trickled down from organizations to average American homes. Whether it was the discovery of the double-helix DNA structure or landing on the moon, technology and innovation have always gone hand in hand. These world-changing breakthroughs can always be tied to a single man or woman who wanted to change the world as they knew it. From Alexander Graham Bell to Steve Jobs, innovation is built on the efforts of someone else’s simple idea, and over the course of many years, technology has become a vital aspect society.

Technology is an optimistic phenomenon. With each year, life gets faster, easier, and more efficient. Though some are hesitant to embrace the spread of technology, it has helped solve problems related to the environment, medicine and public health, and the economy. With high-tech culture becoming globalized, technology has bridged the gap between environmental, demographic, and socioeconomic variables.

As the tech world evolves, companies have revolutionized basic technology to bring better products to the market every year. Energysquare is a company that has created a new generation of wireless chargers. Born out of innovation, Energysquare has eliminated the nuisance of cables, and worry of running out of battery.

About Energysquare

Created in 2015, Energysquare is a French startup company that was built on the basis of changing the game of chargers. Their goal was to create a cable free way to access energy. Though currently focusing on smartphone chargers, Energysquare is working on innovative designs that are compatible with other devices such as laptops and tablets. Energysquare technology is compatible with standard technology and can be directly integrated into household items.


These wireless chargers allow customers to charge multiple devices at the same time, without interrupting charging time. This technology was created by Energysquare and is not available on any other products. Energysquare is compatible with all smartphones and tablets that have micro USB connectors. (Android/Windows Phone and iPhone compatible)

Energysquare launched a Kickstarted campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing of their first products. The project reached their $33,630 goal and will close project backing on June 24, 2016. All products will be shipped no later than the end of November, 2016. Expected delivery is November for early bird specials, and December for classic shipping.

How Energysquare Works

The revolutionary technology behind Energysquare is comprised of two elements. The first element is a charging pad that is made of conductive squares that are inlaid into an insulating material. Each of these squares is independently controlled by the embedded system. The second component of the technology is a thin adhesive sticker. This sticker can be place into the device and adhered to the back plate of the device. There are two conductive dots on the sticker that connect to the battery directly.

Once the device is placed on the charging pad, the conductive dots on the sticker connect with two of the conductive squares on the pad. The pad begins to charge the device as soon as soon as physical contact is sensed.

As mentioned previously, multiple items can be charged at the same time with no loss of energy. The charging pad is also water resistant and shatter proof, making it safe to be placed throughout the home. Because it can be placed anywhere safely, it can be left all night to charge devices. The charging pad features a smart sleep mode that prevents any power waste when no devices are connected. The charging pad can also be used while at work and also during meetings, allowing colleagues to power up through the meeting.

Benefits of Energysquare

Because charging is the bane of modern society, it is pretty easy to believe that anything that makes charging electronic devices easier comes with many benefits. For those who are tired to being tethered to their chargers, the Energysquare is a dream come true. And, with all the benefits listed below, it is completely changing how the world charges.

One of the biggest benefits of Energysquare is that even though it charges without the use of a cord, it still charges at the same speed a phone would charge if using a cord. For those who want more freedom when it comes to charging their phone, this fact is a huge benefit. After all, setting a phone down and having it charge automatically is an amazing option when compared to being tied to a cord.

In addition to charging just as fast as a classic charger, Energysquare is also able to charge multiple devices at the same time. Now, people don’t have to go searching for different plugs to charge all their devices, they can simple place their electronics on the pad, sit back, and allow Energysquare to charge everything. Not only is Energysquare able to charge multiple devices at the same time, it is able to charge all OS compatible devices, so friends using different types of phones can charge their phones on the same Energysquare.

Finally, Energysquare is extremely durable. Everyone knows how notorious chargers are for breaking or falling apart. With Energysquare, this is not an issue. The actual square is shatter proof, meaning it can resist the everyday wear and tear that comes with charging multiple devices throughout the day. Energysquare is also water resistant, so those using it on tables or other areas where food and drinks are served don’t have to worry. Any kind of liquid can be spilled on Energysquare without it causing a problem.

Purchasing Energysquare

As mentioned above, Energysquare is currently available through Kickstarter at the moment. Even though the Energysquare Kickstarter goal has been reached, those who want to preorder the device can still do so. Pledging different amounts will give users access to different options of the Energysquare. These options, as well as their prices, are listed below.

  • Square One – $66.00
  • Square Two – $88.00
  • Square One Duo – $110.00
  • Square Union – $135.00
  • Square Family – $333.00
  • Square Business – $1,002.00

ELWN Review – Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds & Earphones?

ELWN Review

The role of technology in today’s world and in the future are essential to modern living. Much like science, art, and history, the world is shaped by technology. With the impact that technological advances have had on all aspects of life, imagining a world without it seems impossible. Without technology, things that are often taken for granted, such as travel and keeping in contact with friends and family from across the globe, would be out of the question. Technology has allowed a freedom for choice for people to have access to a variety of resources with the push of a button.


Though many believe that technology is taking over society, technology can be used to keep mankind and the planet intact. Technology shapes the future, and can be not only compatible with nature, but beneficial for all of humanity. Technology has the ability to provide clean energy sources, emission free transport options, and low-energy houses. Technology does not only serve personal needs, but can be vital in discovering a way to make life more efficient by incorporating new methods and processes.

The goal of innovation and technology should not be focused on consumerism, but rather, adding value to society that simplifies human life. When considering innovation and technology, the popular criticism, “why reinvent the wheel”, often comes to mind. When designing or implanting tools that are equivalent to existing ones, it is important that as the times change, as do needs and priorities.

Without new ideas, tomorrow would never come. Technological innovations change the world for the better, and recently, millennials are the first generation to have access to the most important innovations to date. As smartphones began to hit the market, so did cyber hacking and security breaches. Due to recent technological advancements, companies have developed smartphone technology that encrypts users’ calls, messages, and file attachments. The encryption software prevents potential hackers from listening in to phone calls and protects access to the phone’s metadata. This technology secures data and makes information inaccessible to third parties.

Another innovation that will change the world was once a dream for the future. Engineers have now designed technology that allows robots to using natural fiber masks infused with highly curated serums featuring the highest quality ingredients to walk with complete balance, coordination, force, and direction. This feature allows robots to walk as humans do, whether the terrain is uneven or unsteady. This innovation has allowed robots to be utilized in emergency situations or assisting elderly and disabled individuals with daily tasks and chores.

More importantly, as mentioned above, technology can co-exist with the needs of the planet. Innovation has allowed the development of agricultural drones. Used by farmers, these drones are fitted with cameras used to oversee and improve the treatment of crops. The drones allow the farmers to access a unique perspective that could not even be seen via satellite imaging. These drones are responsible for exposing problems regarding irrigation, soil variation, and distressed plants without the cost of other methods such as crop imaging or by manned aircraft. The success of these drones has allowed further advances such as GPS modules, sensors, and digital radios.

Technology is used to fulfill the needs of diverse lifestyles. A simple explanation of supply and demand encompasses the root of all innovation. ELWN is a company that was founded with a vision to change the market of tech accessories, specifically, wireless headphones. ELWN has reinvented and evolved the basic design of headphones to develop the most advanced products on the market.

More About ELWN Headphones

Founded by two former Apple engineers, ELWN works with a team of leading marketing and sales professionals to bring the highest quality products to consumers. With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, the team has the knowledge to change the headphone market. Located both in the United States and overseas, each location has been established to meet the needs of the business.

The most recent product offered by ELWN is its new wireless earbuds. These earbuds are unlike any other option available on the market today, taking the things that so many people love about earbuds and giving them an update for the needs of today. For example, these earbuds are some of the only truly wireless earbuds available on the market. In addition to being wireless, ELWN earbuds contain a wearable charger, based on patent pending technology, that gives them endless run time.

Another amazing thing about ELWN earbuds that sets them apart from the competition is that one pair of these earbuds can be transformed into 180 different fit and activity options. For those who have always struggled to find earbuds that fit perfectly into their ears, hearing that ELWN is offering a solution to this problem is extremely exciting. Because there are so many fit options, ELWN is truly the earbud for everyone.

In addition to offering a wireless earbud option that will fit any ear during any activity, ELWN is also water resistant. Many products that claim to be water resistant mean that the product can be taken through the rain or accidentally splashed now and then. However, with ELWN earbuds, water resistant means theses earbuds can even be worn in the shower. Considering ELWN earbuds come with HD sound, Bluetooth (4.0), and a built in mic, it makes sense that people won’t even want to take them off when they shower!


ELWN Features & Benefits

In developing the most advanced headphones/earbuds on the market, ELWN was persistent in creating the highest quality products without the high cost. What makes ELWN products different from other popular brands is their true wireless feature. There are no wires to get tangled or damaged from use. Another groundbreaking feature is the wearable chargeable that is paired with the products. Each charger is designed for infinite run time.

Additionally, because the products are designed to be chic and comfortable, there are over 180 customizable fit and activity options that guarantee usability for every lifestyle. The products are also water resistant, allowing users to wear them in the shower, while working out, or outside in the rain. Due to this technology, the products are not liable to damage. All products feature sound sync technology, HD sound micro dynamic driver, Bluetooth, 6.5HR run time, with charge, built-in mic for hands-free calls, and a wearable charger for limitless battery life.

Each product purchase comes with an Infinity Band that is used to charge products while they are in use. These Infinity Bands are slim and lightweight, making them easy to carry and store. Each band can hold 3 extended hours of headphone run time while on long trips. All products are not only resistant to harsh weather conditions, but are also built to be durable, mobile, and long-lasting. The exterior is designed with Grip-Touch Coated ABS which provides additional durability and abrasion resistance. Made to last, ELWN included a 1 year limited warranty, offering customers access to a loyalty program to ensure performance confidence.

Purchasing ELWN Earbuds

ELWN products are still in manufacturing, and will be available once funding has been completed on the Kickstarter platform. Each product box includes 180 perfect fit options that are sized as follows, and an infinity band:

  • Single Flange
  • Comfort Fit
  • Sport Fit
  • Triple Flange
  • Full Structure
  • Light Structure
  • Single Tab
  • Half Over-Ear Hooks
  • Full Over-Ear Hooks
  • Infinity Band

Piper NV Home Security System Review – Smart Wireless Home Protection?

Piper Smart Home Security Camera Review

The Piper NV Smart Home Security System is a smart system that helps to protect your home from potential intruders, while also protecting the people inside. This is our review.

What Is The Piper NV Smart Home Security System?

pipper-reviewKeeping your family and home safe is the biggest priority for anyone that wants to keep their loved ones from harm. Even individuals that live in the safest parts of the company are still at risk for an unforeseeable burglary, if you are not careful. The easiest way to put a layer of protection over your house is by investing in a security system, like the Piper nv Smart Home Security System.

The Piper nv Smart Home Security System is completely wireless and constantly monitors the interaction around your home with the 180-degree high-resolution camera. In order to make sure it can see every little thing going on, it features:

  • Night vision lenses
  • Live or recorded video feed
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Sensors to determine the temperature, light level, and humidity in your area
  • Two-way audio
  • A siren that emits a 105-decibel noise when triggered, which is about the same level as a table saw or the roar in a sports arena

One of the fun parts about having a two-way audio is the ability to check in with anyone at your home. You can say hello to your pets, or check in on your teenagers when they arrive home before you. Essentially, by adding this system to your home, you know that everyone who stays there is safe at any given moment. Access the live video stream remotely to check in on everyone, or just to see if your package has been delivered in the mail.

There are many benefits to using the Piper nv Smart Home Security System, but actually installing it and connecting it to the appropriate devices is even more important. Read on to see how you activate and setup the system to ensure your own safety on a regular basis.

Using The Piper nv Smart Home Security System

One of the perks of the Piper nv Smart Home Security System is how easy it is to setup for your home. You won’t need any wired connection to your router, since the system completely runs on a Wi-Fi connection. Once you connect it, you can check the status of the system from any smartphone or tablet that you are logged into.

There are certain requirements that the Piper nv Smart Home Security System needs to run efficiently and securely. Other than the internet connection, you will need:

  • An iOS device that has at least iOS 7, or an Android device that is running on at least 2.3.3
  • A reliable power source, which can be a 7.5W AC/DC wall adapter or the three AA batteries for backup

You will receive notifications on your devices if it picks up any motion. However, the system is intelligent enough to understand the difference between normal movement and a security threat. In fact, it even uses pet-adjustable motion detection, so your cat or dog doesn’t accidentally set off the alarm while roaming at nighttime.

Pricing For The Piper nv Smart Home Security System

With the Piper nv Smart Home Security System, the retail price is $279.99. Most companies that offer security systems involve paying regular fees to maintain your services after the original purchase. However, that is not the case with this security system. Once you pay for the physical system, there are no other charges. You will not be responsible for monthly fees, contracts, or service fees. However, you will still have access to the customer service team if you need help.

You are able to purchase the Piper nv Smart Home Security System from several websites.

Those websites include:

  • Amazon
  • Sears
  • com
  • Dell

Contacting The Makers Of Piper NV Smart Home Security System

First of all, before you call or send emails to anyone, you need to determine the question you want answered. If you have questions about the shipping or your particular order, you will need to contact the company that you made your purchase through. However, if you want to speak with someone about the use of the product, you can contact the actual makers behind this security system.

The easiest ways to reach this company are via phone or email. The phone number is 1-888-629-0680, and the support team is available every day of the week. The department is open from 5:00am to 11:00pm EST.


Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is one of the most important ways you can protect them from the unpredictable events that happen in every neighborhood. With the Piper nv Smart Home Security System, you know what is happening at your home at all times, and you can even record events to help make it easier for the police if you do have a break-in. By making home security inexpensive and easy, anyone can get the protection they need.